Articles by Dr. Mitch Peritz
How to identify stress and what it may be doing to your body and mind.

If Cholesterol is so unhealthy, why does our body reproduce approximately 1,000 milligrams to carry out its basic daily function?
Accessing and understanding the root causes of health disturbances, evaluating treatment and the best approach for your situation.
Before the onset of diabetes, our bodies give us many warning signs we are heading in the wrong direction.
Signs and symptoms help indicate if your body's ability to detoxify is compromised. 
Even the mildest of digestive symptoms which we accept as "normal" may be reflective of digestive imbalances.
The minimal daily requirement and the best food sources for fiber.
What is a Free Radical and where do they come from? 
Food designed for mass consumption, extended shelf life and processed foods with minimal nutritional value create biochemical imbalances and lead to health problems.

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Attention deficit information about ADD/ADHD symptoms, medication, treatment, and diagnosis. 
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