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A few kinds words about Mitchell Peritz D.C....

"Dr. Mitchell Peritz is one of the finest hands-on practitioners that I know. I have seen him work wonders with acute injuries. His knowledge of functional medicine allows a deeper approach to chronic conditions. He brings kindness, compassion and a wealth of experience to his patients."
~Lisa Rittel, D.O. - Boulder, CO.

"Dr. Mitch Peritz is a talented and dedicated healer. He excels at the usual chiropractic work of adjustment and manipulation, but goes far beyond these skills as he combines the influence of Oriental medicine with his considerable knowledge of Western medicine. I have benefited from Dr. Peritz' skill with traumatic structural injuries, in-depth nutritional counseling, and his knowledge of Chinese medicine for years now. His years training in the field of psychotherapy have given him wisdom, openness, and talent in dealing with the emotional elements that present with physical illness and pain." 
~Masa H. - Paonia, CO.

"I’ve been treated by Mitch (Dr. Peritz) for various structural & functional health issues over the last couple of years and am so impressed by his unique testing process, keen intuition & extensive knowledge of integrative medicine. He addresses the whole being, not just an isolated set of symptoms. I so appreciate his compassion and support with my healing process. I can’t sing his praises enough & highly recommend him." 
~Sharon D. - Lyons, CO.

"Dr. Peritz was of extreme help to me when my family physician wanted to place me on a Statin medication for high cholesterol. In addition to taking a thorough interest in my health, Dr. Peritz ordered additional lab work to more thoroughly investigate the etiology of my elevated cholesterol. He has the ability to understand the traditional allopathic approach to many metabolic conditions; however, he also has a thorough understanding of looking deeper into conditions and determining what best path, allopathic or homeopathic, that would be best for the patient. I highly recommend   Dr. Peritz, a doctor of chiropractic, for an honest, individualized approach to health." 
~James Thatcher, D.C. - Colorado Springs, CO.

"I initially started seeing Dr. Peritz for an acute pain in my shoulder and chronic low back pain. I can’t tell you how many massage therapists, orthopedic dr.’s, kinesiologists, chiropractors, herbalist, naturopaths, and countless other medical persons I’ve seen over the years. He’s the only person I’ve seen that has helped me figure out the core of my pain (Quickly) and put me on a plan to keep it under control and/or keep it from returning. Being an avid runner, cyclist and pursuer of many other physical outdoor activities I have no other words to describe him other than HE’S A GENIUS! Being a sports massage therapist myself, I highly recommend him to all my clients, friends and family! Thanks Dr. Mitch for all you do!"
~Jenna B. - Boulder, CO.

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